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Class Correctors

The Herbst is the most commonly used fixed Class II appliance available and can be designed for either mixed or permanent dentitions. Removable Class Correctors are designed to correct minor malocclusions.


Type CC110
Bio-Progressive Herbst

  • Herbst Kit
  • Stainless Steel Crowns on the upper 1st Molars and Lower 1st Bicuspids
  • Bands on the lower 1st Molars
  • Lower Lingual Arch
  • Double Tube with Hook on the Upper
  • Single Tube through the pivot

Type CC120
Cantilever Herbst

  • Herbst Kit
  • Stainless steel crowns on the upper & lower 1st molars
  • Lower Lingual Arch
  • Cantilever arm off the lower molar crowns
  • Single tube below pivot on lower cantilever arm
  • Double tube with hook on the upper crowns

Herbst- Dr. Wooley Design

  • Herbst Kit
  • Stainless steel crowns on the upper & lower 1st molars
  • .036 lower wire cantilevers forward and crosses over between the cuspid and 1st bicuspids then follows from cuspid to cuspid and repeats on the other side
  • .045 wire strengthener added to .036 cantilever wire
  • Hook on the upper crown

Removable Class Correctors

Type CC212
Bionator to Open (One Midline Screw)

  • Acrylic plate
  • Cuspid to cuspid labial arch
  • Lingual holding wire
  • Palatal wire
  • Midline screw
  • Acrylic bite block

Type CC310
Twin Block

  • Lower labial archwire
  • Two clasps on lower arch
  • Four clasps on upper arch
  • Acrylic plate
  • Acrylic bite block