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Color Chart

Excel Orthodontics makes it easy to help your retainer patients express their unique personalities by offering a dazzling variety of colors, glitters, decals and other decorative options. And for patients who need full-coverage retainers, they can even add photos and original artwork.

Providing more aesthetic choices can hold benefits for your practice as well:

  • With personalized retainers, young patients are often more diligent about following proper care and use instructions.
  • When patients are excited to show their friends, names of doctors and practices are often part of the conversations. These can prove to be valuable, business-expanding referrals.

Free personalized color chart

Just send us your logo art and Excel will print a free custom color chart branded for your practice. This high-quality, handsome publication is ideal for chair-side use as you explain options and help young patients feel more positive about wearing retainers.

Color chart website

If you prefer to save valuable chair time, be sure to refer patients to Excel’s website. This comprehensive, easy-to-navigate resource lets them make decorative decisions on their own time, and to even get input from friends and family.

Please note: Some limitations and other policies apply to the use of photos and artwork for both retainers and the free personalized color chart. Be sure to contact Excel for more details.


11. Opaque White

12. Opaque Black


Electric Colors non-transparent

Neon Colors (glow in the dark) non-transparent

Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Color Retainer FAQ’s / Tips:

  • Background color options are interchangeable
  • You can combine any color or design pattern with a decal (see previous page)
  • Stripes do not blend well with most transparent colors
  • Glitters and non-transparent colors may not blend well together
  • Vinyl decals used or supplied must fit into appliances with full palatal coverage that do not incorporate expanders
  • We can match sport, school, or team colors/logos upon special request
  • If we can find it on the internet, we can put it in your retainer!
  • Please note: colors may vary slightly due to acrylic pigment variations.
  • Custom designs not available for Olympic customers at this time.