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Model Examples

Examples of a model that may cause an appliance to not fit.

Model Example 1

Potential Causes-

  • Alginate pulled away from tray
  • Tray removed before alginate completely set up

Model Example 2

  • Use enough material in tray for accurate impression of teeth

Model Example 3

  • Impression removed from tray before alginate was completely set up

Model Example 4

  • Void in alginate material caused by not enough alginate in the tray

Model Example 5

  • Impression tray moved before alginate was completely setup

Model Example 6

  • Alginate not mixed thoroughly

Note: Stone models are preferred over plaster as they are less likely to break during shipping.

Example of a good model.

Model Example 7

  • Minimal chips, bubbles, or porosity on the occlusal surface
  • No Narrowing or pinched appearance of incisal, buccal, or lingual cusps