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RT135 Lower Hawley Retainer with no Clasps

Appliance Purpose / Function:
The primary function of the Hawley Retainer with no clasps is to provide retention of the anterior teeth. Retention is provided by a labial 3 x 3 labial bow and is generally encased in acrylic which is formed to hold the teeth in their corrected positions.

Appliance Components:

  • Acrylic Arch
  • .030 Labial bow with adjustment loops anchored in the acrylic arch
  • 2 x 2 area of the labial bow is covered in acrylic that is formed to the facial surfaces of the teeth

Suggested Materials:

  • Wire: Chromium Cobalt wire


  • Laser welded (removes the solder)
  • Solder: Silver Solder (Cadmium Free)
Appliance Fabrication Standards:

  • Labial bow is formed from 3 x 3
  • The adjustment loops begin just distal to the mid point on the facial of the cuspid
  • The loop ends at the interproximal of the cuspid and the first bicuspid
  • The wire is in intimate contact with the teeth in the interproximal area as it crosses the occlusion
  • The lingual wire is formed about 1mm off the tissue of the tissue to provide clearance for acrylic
  • The acrylic is trimmed to conform closely to the teeth including theinterproximal areas.

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