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SM222 Wire Nance Holding Arch

SM222 Wire Nance Holding Arch

Appliance Purpose / Function:
The Wire Nance holding arch is a fixed space maintenance appliance used to prevent space loss resulting from bilateral loss of deciduous molars but may be used on the “E’s” if the deciduous first molars are lost prematurely. Having no acrylic button, the wire nance is much easier to keep clean and is, as a result, a far more hygenic appliance than the nance button.

Appliance Components:

  • Bands on the 1st permanent molars or “E’s”
  • .036 Blue Elgiloy wire

Suggested Materials:

  • Wire: Chromium Cobalt wire
  • Solder: Silver Solder (Cadmium Free)


  • Laser welded (removes the solder)

Appliance Fabrication Standards:

  • Band on both 6’s or both E’s
  • .036 Blue Elgiloy wire bent into intimate contact with the palatal tissue
  • Blue Elgiloy wire is heat treated after fabrication


This appliance is not to be used to hold space gained by distalizing

molars. It will imbed into the tissue as molars attempt to relapse.

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