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SM310 Band and Loop Appliance

Appliance Purpose / Function:

The Band and Loop appliance is a unilateral space maintainer that is used to prevent the drifting of adjacent teeth in edentulous areas after extraction or exfoliation. Omega loops can be added for ease in adjustment due to shifting or closure when space permits.

Appliance Components:

  • Bands on the 1st permanent molars
  • . 036 wire is bent from the first molar to the tooth
  • Wire and is soldered to the band

Suggested Materials:

  • Wire: Chromium Cobalt wire
  • Solder: Silver Solder (Cadmium Free)


  • Laser welded (removes the solder)
  • Soldered Occlusal rest

Appliance Fabrication Standards:

  • Band on a single tooth
  • Space maintaining loop bent to opposing tooth to hold space
  • Bay be bent as a reverse appliance when the permanent tooth isn’t erupted enough for band seating
  • Wire soldered to upper third of the lingual and buccal of the band

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