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Finally! Our facility in Tigard is being rebuilt. Many of you know that our building was damaged by fire in February 2014, but you may not have noticed that there was almost no interruption of our services. Ryan, along with loyal and dedicated employees, had our laboratory up and running almost overnight.

The fire occurred early morning Thursday, February 13. By late Friday Ryan and his crew had rented a space, purchased all the folding tables in Tigard and Beaverton, cleaned up the almost undamaged equipment, and started producing as if nothing had been interrupted.

You may be wondering where was Lance? Lance is always in an Excel story. He was relaxing on a caribbean beach and cruise, with his wife, without a worry. He did not find out until Saturday afternoon when his ship came to port. What a way to come home from vacation! “Hey Lance! Your lifes work just literally went up in flames. How was the cruise?”

Luckily things have worked out for the good and we want you to be apart of our celebration. We will be holding an open house once we are all settled in. We look forward to seeing you there.

Due to the fire we postponed the launch of our new website. It is now up and running and a work in progress. Have a look around the Excel site. Please give us feedback on how we can serve you better. Check our news tab regularly to keep yourself up to date on happenings here at excel.

Thank you for your support. Serving you is how we Excel!

Merry Christmas