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Guidelines & Terms


All wires and expansion screws warranted for 90 days.
6 month warranty on defects of acrylic and solder joints
3 month warranty on invisible retainers and nightguards
(Does not include breakage due to patient negligence.)


When requesting a remake/guarantee, note a reason for the remake along with the original appliance. If appliance is not available at the time please return it as soon as possible to be reviewed by our management team for credit. Appliances are guaranteed to fit the original model on which it was fabricated before adjustments are made.


Excel will hold a case for a period of 2 months. However after 1 month we will require a new impression or scan due to possible changes. After 2 months we will discard cases and shred the documents. If you desire to have your case returned, please contact us.


Cases will include an invoice (em options available)
Statements sent out monthly (em options available as well)
Payment Terms – Net 15
We accept Visa and Mastercard with no additional fees
Auto pay option available, please call to enroll


Free Shipping:
For quick access to prepaid UPS labels with package tracking login or sign up for our customer portal.
If you prefer to print a business reply label, see our website under Resources, or we can mail you a stock.
Cases are returned to you via UPS (shipping upgrades will incur extra charges)
Free Shipping supplies: If you need boxes, RX’s, impression bags, or business reply labels, please feel free to call or contact us via email.

To help Excel serve you more effectively and economically, please ship more than one case per box when possible. If shipping more than one box, please tape/ship together. Thank you for helping us reduce waste and serve your better. We appreciate your business.